Serbian Interior Minister to meet with Croatian counterpart

Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić will talk with his Croatian counterpart Tomislav Karamarko regarding the Zemun Clan and police cooperation in the region.

Dačić and Karamarko will be meeting on Monday in Sombor to talk about the cases related to Zemun Clan members Sretko Kalinić and Miloš Simović.

Dačić said that the main topic of the talks would be eventual new information regarding the crimes they have committed.

He said that an agreement is expected to be signed next week between the two countries regarding the extradition of people suspected of committing serious crimes.

“We will talk about these question and further cooperation, in the goal of creating better conditions for successful cooperation. The agreement for extradition is expected to be signed next week by our justice ministers. We want to try to get as many countries in the region as possible to create legal conditions for forming a joint investigative team, and even joint arrest warrants that would be valid on any territory. Of course, Croatia is the first country we will be talking to about it,” Dačić said.

Delegations of the two countries will prepare a joint analysis of the threats of organized crime on their own territories and Serbia will continue to work on the realization of the initiative for creating a regional center for the fight against organized crime, Dačić said.

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