New war crimes indictment in Belgrade

The war crimes prosecutor in Belgrade has submitted an indictment against four people for crimes committed in Croatia in 1991. All four are former members of the police in the so-called Serb Autonomous Region of Krajina, SAO.

The prosecution believes they participated in the murder of five members of the Rakic family in Licki Osik, Croatia, in 1991. The bodies of the victims were found in a pit with their hands tied and their mouths closed with duck tape.

The suspects are Cedo Budisavljevic, Mirko Malinovic, Milan Bogunovic and Bogdana Grujicic. This May the prosecution filed a request to open an investigation into this case. The prosecution also asked that detention for all suspects be prolonged. Two other suspects are on the run and the investigation against them has been halted.

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