Moldovan President Mihai Ghimpu asks world parliaments’ help to remove Russian weaponry from Transnistria

On Tuesday, Moldovan President took floor at the Geneva world conference of parliament chairpersons, and stated that the presence of Russian troops and arms in Transnistria is one of the reasons why Moldova remains the poorest nation of Europe.

Ghimpu said, in particular, “Why have we become the poorest nation in Europe? Not only because democratic reforms in Moldova failed to be implemented in due time, but also because the subdivisions of an occupational army and its military property continue to be present in the Moldova territory without our consent, in contravention of the 1999 OSCE Istanbul Summit decisions, and contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova stipulating the status of neutral state”.

He asked the world parliament chairpersons’ support in ensuring an unconditional, immediate and transparent evacuation of the Russian weapons and ammunition from the Moldovan territory.

He explained, “This army indirectly backs the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic, which is a black hole for Moldova’s State Budget and is a zone of instability not only for us but for the whole Europe”.

Ghimpu supported a proposal on a more active involvement of parliaments into international cooperation, and voiced confidence that this is the only way to resolving global problems and to improving peoples’ lives.

“The Constitution of Moldova says that the Parliament is the supreme representative organ of the Moldovan people, and the only legislative power in the Moldovan state. The Parliament is thus the only institution ensuring communication between citizens and political decisions, serves an arena for political debates, and eventually stands responsibility to citizens”, said the Moldovan acting president.

In conclusion, he stated to the global forum that Moldova actually has 2 ages: “On the one hand, 20 years has passed since the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence [that event happened actually on August 27, 1991]. On the other hand, Moldova is 70 because for fifty years it had existed as the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic, which was institutionalized by the Resolution of the USSR Supreme Soviet [parliament] passed in Moscow on August 2, 1940 in the result of Moldova’s occupation on June 28, 1940”.

Finally, Ghimpu asked the world parliaments’ assistance in building 700 houses for Moldovan families hit by the severe floods continuing in some regions of the republic.

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