Kosovo on EU agenda in Brussels

EU Foreign Ministers will meet on Monday to discuss the Kosovo situation in the wake of the ICJ Kosovo UDI advisory opinion. The meeting will be the first ministerial meeting since Belgium took over the six-month EU presidency earlier this month.

The ministers will discuss future steps related to Kosovo and are expected to state that the International Court of Justice’s decision opened a new phase in which the region needs to focus on its future.

According to reports, the meeting will state that the EU was ready to help encourage dialog between Belgrade and Priština in order to improve cooperation, achieve progress in the European integration process and improve the quality of life for people living in the province.

It is expected that the ministers would reiterate that the Union was dedicated to the European integration for the countries of the Western Balkans according to the Thessaloniki Agenda.

It is also expect that the ministers will discuss the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina ahead of elections in that country, scheduled for October.

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