US wants Serbian FM sacked

Washington has sent a message to Belgrade that the time was right to “reach agreement”, writes daily Blic. However, this agreement “over the Kosovo story” is not possible while Vuk Jeremić is at the helm of the Foreign Ministry, according to this article.

The newspaper says that “Jeremić’s position is not good in Serbia either”, where opposition parties “accuse him he was insisting on going to The Hague and lost”.

Furthermore, writes Blic, and quotes “well-informed diplomatic sources”, Jeremić “cannot count on support within the (ruling) DS, where one faction that was against his appointment as prime minister, sees the recent ICJ advisory opinion on Kosovo as a ruling on Jeremić”.

All this, says the article, comes as party elections are to be held soon.

“The U.S. and EU are demanding that Serbia does not insist on a UN resolution, or at least not on a text that would insist on status talks. If Serbia still decides to submit its resolution, the U.S. or Albania would submit their resolution, but do not say what it would contain,” the newspaper quoted its source.

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