EU Ministers Call for Faster EU-Accession of Serbia

A number of the EU’s foreign ministers called for a speeding-up of Serbia’s EU accession in the wake of decision by UN’s International Court of Justice that the secession of Kosovo from the Balkan country is not illegal, report and Beta Press.

Foreign ministers of several member-states spoke out in support of faster EU membership of Serbia Monday at the time of the EU External Affairs Council.

Information mentions in particular the top diplomats of Italy, Austria, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. Beta writes that “the majority” of foreign ministers are in support of a speedier process.

The ministers reportedly stated that better EU perspectives for Serbia would mean better opportunities for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. EUobserver quotes several heads of diplomacy as having said that the EU needs to deliver a clear encouragement to Serbia by accepting its membership application.

Beta nevertheless adds that “two or three” countries have opposed that position, and called for negotiations “chapter by chapter”.

Beta Press further writes that EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton has denied that talks to that effect have been conducted within the External Affairs Council and that the only important thing is that Serbia and Kosovo start talks with each other in order to secure the European perspective of both.

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