Thaci urges further recognitions of Kosovo

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci called on all EU member-states to recognize his nation after the International Court of Justice ruled the Kosovo’s 2008 independence declaration did not violate international law.

He appealed to the only five states in the 27-member European Union who have yet to recognize Kosovo, saying there is no reason to delay the decision.

“Their rejection to do so after court’s ruling breaches the international law and unjustly impedes Kosovo’s prosperity,” Thaci has said.

Fonet news agency quotes Kosovo’s prime minister as saying he expects a common EU stance regarding his nation.

The Times daily says British Foreign Secretary William Hague hailed Thaci’s plea, noting that one of his priorities is to thwart a new crisis in the Balkan region.

Issuing the nonbinding advisory opinion at Serbia’s request, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said international law contains no prohibition of declarations of independence and therefore Kosovo’s declaration did not violate general international law.

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