Republic of Srpska PM Dodik on Kosovo

Republic of Srpska (RS) PM Milorad Dodik has stated that the the Bosnian Serb entity “will never abandon defending Serbia’s position on Kosovo”.

He also said he would support Serbia “even when it makes mistakes”, but that he believes the going before the United Nations General Assembly will not have a better outcome than that before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The ICJ said in its advisory opinion last week that since there are no provisions under international law limiting unilateral independence declarations, that made by Kosovo’s Albanians was not violating it. The court would not rule on the right to secession.

The top UN tribunal’s opinion will now be sent back to the UN GA, which forwarded the question to it, and Serbia plans to submit a Kosovo resolution as the body meets in New York in September.

“Unfortunately, the appearance before the UN General Assembly will not have a better outcome. I believe that it will be an even bigger defeat, and after that you can do nothing,” said Dodik, who believes that “no one will feel sorry for the Serbs, because this is a story about power and power creates law”.

In an interview published by Belgrade daily Večernje Novosti today, Dodik said that nothing can be the same after the opinion of the ICJ.

“Serbia received yet another important message from the world. With this decision, the court had confirmed the continuity of the bad treatment of Serbia, regardless of who is at its helm. It is now clear to everyone: the stereotype of bad guys and a bad state will not be changed in the West. You may change whatever you want and change democratic governments, they will not accept you,” said Dodik.

“Serbia will have to come to its senses. Kosovo is less and less part of Serbia. I understand that it is very difficult to give up Kosovo and I believe that no politician can do it. But, this is becoming less of a relation between Kosovo and Serbia but more of a relation between the international community and Serbia,” said Dodik.

“Why not come forward with conditions – if you want us to recognize independence of one part of Kosovo we want the north of the province to remain in Serbia, to grant a special status to the Serbian people who remain outside the territory, to protect the monuments and monasteries,” said Dodik.

Speaking about Bosnia-Herzegovina and the status of RS, Dodik said that “we want at present to clearly establish our rights so as to be able to act in any future situation the way the Albanians act now.”

Dodik added he was confident that Bosnia-Herzegovina has no future, but that the calling of a referendum on independence of the RS would be a pure adventure at the moment.

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