Greece maintains its decision not to recognize Kosovo, said alternate MFA

Brussels: Greece, maintains its decision not to recognize Kosovo, said alternate MFA, D. Droutsas to the General Affairs Council of EU. The Turkish activities in recent months in the Aegean, the developments in Kosovo, the results of the recent visit of Prime Minister George Papandreou in the Middle East and the Iran issue was the main issues mentioned by Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas a few days ago in Brussels, where he represented Greece at the General Affairs of the EU.

On the issue of Kosovo, the Deputy Minister stressed that despite the recent (advisory) ruling of the International Court of Justice, Greece, and other EU countries do not recognize Kosovo, insisting on this stance. Mr. Droutsas stressed the intention of the Greek side to promote the European prospects of Balkan countries, as expressed by the so-called strategy of Thessaloniki mapped in 2003 under the Greek Presidency of the EU, but also, under the latest proposals of the Greek diplomacy.

Commenting on Kosovo he said that Greece is ready to assume its responsibilities to account for the Balkan country as an EU member, and he will visit Belgrade and Pristina in the coming period. Greece is a country that can be addressed in both Serbia and Kosovo and will exhaust every possibility to find mutually acceptable solution, said D. Droutsas, while emphasizing that the serious attitude shown by the Serbian government can be estimated as a positive sign for the EU and strengths the European perspective of Serbia. Finally he expressed his support for an EU inclusion of Serbia in the forseeable future.


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