Moldova formulates proposals for EU Strategy for Danube Region

Moldova’s Government approved Moldova’s proposals for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. According to Minister of State Victor Bodiu, non-EU member states that can contribute to the region’s development by implementing EU projects were invited to take part in working out the strategy.

The strategy aims to deepen the dialogue between the EU and the Danube Basin countries and facilitate the extension and strengthening of the European neighborhood values and standards.

At the Danube Summit held in Budapest on February 27, Prime Minister Vlad Filat stressed the importance of a development strategy, saying Moldova is ready to contribute to the implementation of this and other EU projects.

The document approved by the Government of Moldova includes measures aimed at identifying and launching regional projects in such areas as transport, information and communication technologies, energy security, environment protection, etc. The strategy is to be finalized by this yearend.

Though Moldova has only 430 meters of land up to the Danube allowing access to the river, it is considered a riparian state. The objectives of the stagey coincide largely with the objectives of the Chisinau Government. They include the uniform development all the settlements, provision of modern services for the population, creation of a network of cooperation between the public authorities, establishment of education and cultural institutions, development of alternative sources of energy and others, Victor Bodiu said.

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