Taci bans visits to Kosovo by Serbian delegations

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Taci send a letter to Head of the International civil office of Kosovo government, saying that he won’t allow visits to Kosovo by Serbian delegation due to political provocations, Koha Ditore daily said.

Taci has also sent a letter to EU Special Representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith, saying that Kosovo government won’t allow the visit by Serbian Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic, slated for August 19, adding that any other request for visits will be also suspended, Smedia agency reported.

This suspension will remain until the next decision. This has nothing to do with the freedom of movement. The aim of this suspension is to prevent new political provocations from happening, Taci said in his letter to Feith.

Up till now, Pieter Feith’s office was the body which arranged visits to Kosovo by Serbian delegations. The request for visits were submitted to EU office in Belgrade.

Feith’s cabinet gave no comment regarding the letter’s content, saying that the government of Kosovo has exclusive right to allow and ban visits to Kosovo.

The ban came into force, after the visit by Serbian Minister of Interior Affairs Ivica Dacic, which was said to be a religious one.

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