UN reportedly to discuss Serbia’s resolution on September 9th

The UN General Assembly is expected to discuss Serbia’s draft resolution on Kosovo on September 9th, local media reported on Sunday (August 22nd). The document says that “unilateral secession is not an acceptable way to solve territorial issues”, and calls for reaching a “mutually acceptable solution to all open issues” through dialogue. Meanwhile, Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic urged Serbian and Kosovo officials to start talks as soon as possible, with the international community acting as mediator. He is calling for discussions on both technical and Kosovo status issues.

In other news, the United States is again urging Spain to recognise Kosovo’s independence, local media reported on Sunday. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke by phone with Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos, asking that Spain join the 22 EU member states that recognise independence. Spain is one of five EU hold outs.

On Saturday, Albania announced it will officially represent non-member Kosovo’s interests at the UN this autumn. “There is a close and intensive communication between Tirana and Pristina,” Foreign Ministry General-Secretary Gazmend Turdiu said, adding this is the first such bilateral co-operation activity at this level.

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