Serbian FM: Kosovo resolution won’t be withdrawn

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić stated that Serbia does not plan to withdraw its resolution on Kosovo it has submitted to the United Nations General Assembly. He said that Serbia is not negotiating its withdrawal but its text.

“If we reach an agreement, a compromise may be carried out without withdrawing the resolution. The resolution itself is not a goal but a means,” said Jeremić, adding that what Serbia wants at the United Nations is to close the proceedings that went on before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and to pave the way to new talks that would lead to a solution for Kosovo.

Serbia does not plan to withdraw the resolution, but it is carrying out intensive talks with all international factors, including the European Union, since it has European aspirations, Jeremić told B92.

He stressed that Serbia would not give up its priorities, such as European integrations, but that it wants to achieve a continuation of its diplomacy in New York on September 9, supported by the citizens, to put an end to the process before the ICJ and to show that the Court’s decision does not imply that the Kosovo Albanians were granted the right to secede.

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