Moldova: Communists applauding to referendum failure

The opposition Moldovan Communist Party (MCP) expressed satisfaction over the September 5 constitutional referendum failure.

MCP leader and Moldova’s former president [2001-2009] Vladimir Voronin stated to journalists last midnight, “The ruling Alliance for European Integration has received the result it deserves. Their power-usurpation actions and unwillingness to dissolve the Parliament has led to a complete bankruptcy of these pseudo-politicians”.

He slashed the ruling coalition for their re-writing the legislature, lowering the voter turnout requirement [to 33.33% from the previous 60%], resorting to ballot rigging and blackmail for the sake of remaining in power.

“Moldovan voters appeared to be wiser. They voted with their feet, as the saying goes [meaning they simply did not go to the polls], thus showing their attitude to the current power. There could be no other outcome. We do hope the coalition will now wake up at last and will start acting according to the law. And the law says clearly: the Parliament must be disbanded, and the nation must have elections. Voters will decide themselves which kind of power they need”, said Voronin.

The MCP leader reaffirmed the Communist lawmakers stand ready to take part in amending the Constitution in parliament.

“As you all remember, we offered from the very beginning to vote for Constitution amending in parliament. Our legislative initiative was approved by the Constitutional Court, so it was fit for voting in parliament. For putting it into life, however, the forum had to have a political consensus. Instead of that, the AEI preferred to arrange an unnecessary, expensive referendum to fool voters with. We stood against the referendum, and today we are grateful to voters for their listening to our opinion and for their boycotting that undertaking”, said Vladimir Voronin.

He reminded that earlier this year the Communist Party proposed electing president in parliament in three rounds: in the first round – with 61 votes, in case of its failure – with 57 votes in a second round, and with 52 in a third round.

“This initiative of ours remains in force. We are ready to vote in parliament in this way. But we shall not vote for returning to a general, direct election of president”, stated the MCP Chairman.

Voronin did not explain if the Communists are ready to vote for Constitution amending in the incumbent Parliament or only in the next forum after an early election.

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