Kurti says Kosovo should unite with Albania

Kosovo authorities should launch Kosovo-Albania unification talks instead of negotiating with Belgrade, Self-Determination leader Albin Kurti said on Wednesday.

“Our politicians intend to discuss the inner division of Kosovo rather than launching talks with Tirana with an aim of national unification between Kosovo and Albania,” Serbia’s Tanjug news agency quotes Kurti as saying in Klina.

Kurti set up Self-Determination’s Initiative Council tasked to boost public opinion against the announced dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

Kurti slammed the forthcoming negotiations with Serbia as time-wasting, given the fact that Serbia doesn’t recognize Kosovo independence. “Serbia should ask for forgiveness for its genocide on Albanian nation,” he added.

“We created our own structures to face the new challenges – elections or something else – and we will protest along with the people with our slogan “No to negotiations – Self-determination,” Kurti said.

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