KFOR Commander Erhard Buhler says violence won’t solve issue of northern Kosovo

The issue of northern Kosovo cannot be solved through violence, KFOR Commander Erhard Buhler said on Monday (September 20th). NATO peacekeepers want actions, not words, Buhler told a press conference in Pristina, adding that the Serb-dominated north is not only a political issue but also requires implementation of law. Buhler, who was appointed to his post three weeks ago, said he is aware that the parallel structures present a difficult problem, but expressed hope it could be resolved through dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.

Also on Monday, Buhler met with Serbian Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic in northern Mitrovica. Buhler assured him that the NATO force will provide security during the October 3rd enthronement ceremony of Serbian Patriarch Irinej, at the Patriarchy in Pec. According to Serbian media, Bogdanovic and Buhler also agreed to continue co-operation in the spirit of UN Resolution 1244, in order to maintain peace.

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