Albanian president calls for recognitions

Albanian President Bamir Topi used the UN General Assembly session to call upon countries which did not recognize Kosovo to do so. At the same time he advocated a dialogue between Belgrade and Priština as, as he said, “two independent countries”.

The Albanian president pointed out that that the UN General Assembly had adopted the resolution on the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence two weeks earlier.

In his opinion, the resolution was an “important step in consolidation of the state of Kosovo and its democratic and European institutions”.

“That was a very important event for Kosovo, Serbia, the Western Balkans, EU and UN,” Topi added.

“Now that the issue of Kosovo’s status and its borders belongs to the past, it’s a done deal, beginning of a dialogue on practical issues becomes relevant,” he said and added that Albania supported “a dialogue of Kosovo and Serbia”, which should begin immediately.

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