Serbia and Turkey sign cooperation agreement

Serbian Labor Minister Rasim Ljajić and his Turkish counterpart Omer Dincer on Thursday signed an agreement on cooperation. They assessed that the agreement between the two ministries signed on Thursday will significantly improve bilateral relations. 

“Apart from their views on the Kosovo issue, Serbia and Turkey share quite similar political attitudes,” Ljajić said, adding that the cooperation agreement, signed in Belgrade, is a proof of good relations between Serbia and Turkey and that it represents the continuation of an intensive highest-level political dialogue.

Turkish Labor and Social Affairs Minister Omer Dincer believes that the relations between the two countries are developing very well, adding that the good political cooperation is being reflected on a good economic cooperation, which is gaining momentum.

Dincer noted that the two countries signed an agreement on economic cooperation in October last year, that they have also signed an agreement on investment in infrastructure, and that they signed the Agreement on the Abolition of Visas in 2010.

He pointed out that a total of 15 projects have been realized in Serbia, eight of which in Sandžak, through the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency.

We plan to invest around USD 13mn into projects in Serbia next year, Dimcer said.

Ljajić said that the agreement involves cooperation in the fields of labor and social security, inspection services, exchange of experiences in other areas that fall into the responsibility of two ministries, as well as exchange of experts in various fields.

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