U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton says U.S. will help find agreement between Serbia and Kosovo

U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met in Washington on Wednesday. It was announced that they discussed “ways of assisting in the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo”.
At a news conference after the meeting, which was used to discuss the Middle East peace process and Iran’s nuclear program, Clinton confirmed she is going to visit Belgrade and Pristina in the next ten days. Ahead of her trip Clinton said that the leaders of two sides should make a decision on their future and that the U.S. and EU are ready to help so that agreement is reached.

Ashton said that it’s very important that both U.S. and EU work on the future dialogue between Belgrade and Priština, but she did not specify the respective roles that would be taken by Brussels and Washington.

She also said that the EU wanted to see “progress regarding Serbia and Kosovo”, and that they fully understood the importance of what Boris Tadić achieved with the resolution and the support that Hashim Thaci gabe to the solving of the problem.

Belgrade daily Politika writes today that the EU expects officials in Priština to start talks with Belgrade as soon as possible despite Fatmir Sejdiu’s resignation, but says if there are elections there, the start of the talks could be “late by a few months”.

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