EU presents to Moldova guides to its law approximation

The European Union Delegation in Moldova has presented 2 guides for authorities on law approximation to EU standards.

During a press conference on Thursday, the Project’s Deputy Team Leader Richard Moody said the guides are offering strategic support to the Moldovan authorities in public heath and safety at work, and also technical regulation and the quality infrastructure.

Chairperson of the International Labor Inspectorate Association and author of the Health and Safety at work Bernard Brueckner said authorities must invest means for the work accident prevention and the employee work condition improvement. He recommended authorities to create institutions responsible for executing inspections over labor legislation observance by employers.

Deputy Minister of Labor, Family and Social Protection Vadim Pistrinciuc said the Moldovan society is disregarded concerning labor safety, and employers find law deficiencies for avoiding employment injury responsibility.

“About 600 work accidents are annually registered in Moldova. There occurred 41 accidents with lethal outcomes and 88 grave accidents in 2009”, Pistrinciuc said and added he hopes the European standard implementation will favor the life and labor quality of employees will become better.

Author of the second guide on technical regulation and quality infrastructure, British expert Richard Wheatly said though Moldova adopted good laws; it falls short on its implementing target. He said the Government must change its attitude towards the production and service market supervision, and also to toughen the economic agent inspection so it would produce more qualitative and competitive goods and services.

Infotag’s dossier: Both guides are released within the project framework Support of Implementation of the Agreements between Moldova and European Union. The project was launched in August 2008 and will last till December, 31, 2010. Its budget is 5.2 million euros.

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