NATO Secretary General says that improvement in alliance’s relations with Russia will not undermine Georgia’s membership hopes

Georgia’s accession to NATO and the prevailing situation in the occupied territories of the country were the main topics of discussions at a meeting between the speaker of the Georgian parliament, David Bakradze, and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, which took place behind closed doors in parliament today, the Georgian parliament told Trend after the meeting.

Bakradze invited Rasmussen to Georgia a few months ago during a meeting in Brussels.

According to Rasmussen, a decision made at the Bucharest Summit in 2008 remains in place: Georgia will become NATO member.

Bakradze said that only technical issues – when and in what form Georgia will join NATO – requires discussion.

Before the meeting, Rasmussen said that NATO is assisting Georgia in move toward membership.

The second most important issue remains Georgian-Russian relations.

“The Alliance is interested improvement of relationship between NATO and Russia, but the secretary general was very accurate in his position, which consists of the following – an improvement in these relations will not happen at the expense of Georgian interests,” Bakradze said.

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