KFOR increases presence in Kosovo’s Serb-run north

NATO peacekeepers and European Union police have stepped up patrols in Kosovo’s tense north in a bid to fight a surge in violent incidents, including arson and explosions, officials said.

The top NATO commander in Kosovo, Maj. Gen. Erhard Buehler, and police chief Udo Moeller said they have more foot patrols and will set up more checkpoints “to tackle the security situation … which lacks law and order.”

Unofficial reports told Serbian television B92 that the increase of patrols is a way to prepare the citizens, who live in the north part for soon arrests of people, suspected for organizing crime activities.

After the arrest of Dejan Vulovic, suspected for murder, attempted murder and illegal posession of weapons, EULEX have sent several police crews to arrest another four people, which are believed to be the chiefs of the largest crime gangs and are responsible for bomb attacks and illegal trade. Belgrade has issued a warrant for their arrest.

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