Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister for European affairs: Greece is a ramp for EU enlargement

Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister for European affairs Vasko Naumovski called Greece a ramp, which prevents Western Balkan countries to join EU. He noted that the entire enlargement process shouldn’t be a hostage of one what he called non-European behavior by one of the EU member states.

We consider that Greece, which is the oldest EU member state in the region should take additional responsibility and therefore represent the train which will drag the other Balkan countries into the EU. Unfortunately that’s not the case with Republic of Greece. Instead of symbolizing the train, Greece is symbolizing the ramp which prevents Western Balkan countries to enter EU. We consider that Republic of Greece and the other member state should not take hostage the entire enlargement process as we wouldn’t want to believe that the entire process is a hostage of one non-European behavior of one EU member state, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Vasko Naumovski said.

The Deputy Prime Minister Naumovski noted that Macedonia is working on meeting all conditions for start of accession talks with EU, pointing out that the reason for not starting accession talks with EU is not part of the Copenhagen criteria.

Through detailed analyses we are fulfilling the criteria for EU membership, also known as Copenhagen criteria. Unfortunately, EU decided not to start accession talks with Macedonia for a reason which is not found in the Copenhagen criteria. However, we will continue with the implementation of reforms and meet all necessary criteria. Taking into consideration that this long-term dispute includes two sides, the two sides have to show good will in finding a name solution and not just one, he noted.

He reiterated the expectations of the Macedonian government, saying that he expects
an objective annual report by the European Commission.

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