UNMIK to chair CEFTA for Kosovo

UNMIK will chair the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) on behalf of Kosovo next year, taking over the presidency from Serbia. This was announced by the Serbian Ministry of Economy and Regional Development in a statement in Belgrade on Monday.

The CEFTA Presidency is handed over on a rotating basis and in alphabetical order, and UNMIK, as a member of the CEFTA agreement which according to UN Security Council Resolution 1244 represents Kosovo, is next in line after Serbia, the statement reads.

At a Belgrade meeting of CEFTA state secretaries in June 2010, UNMIK/Kosovo presented its chairmanship program in the presence of all CEFTA members, but no agreement was reached on the way the presidency will be implemented or whether it will be realized at all.

The 2011 CEFTA presidency issue will also be discussed by the agreement parties at a ministerial meeting of the CEFTA Joint Committee scheduled to take place in Belgrade on November 12, it was said in the statement.

CEFTA is a free trade agreement concluded between Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova and UNMIK on behalf of Kosovo.

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