Serbia: Declaration condemning war crimes was adopted

The Serbian parliament adopted a declaration condemning the crimes committed against the Serb people and citizens of Serbia. The crimes were committed during the armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

The declaration, adopted with 133 votes out of 250, also “expressed regret and solidarity” with victims of the 1999 NATO bombing.

The declaration condemns the crimes against members of the Serb people and Serbian citizens in armed conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in Kosovo, and calls on the parliaments of other countries, primarily those in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, to condemn crimes and express respect for Serb victims, and on international bodies to adequately punish the perpetrators of crimes.

Opposition parties criticized the draft declaration, claiming that it did not mention all the crimes against the Serbs and differentiated between the victims in the way that belittled the Serb victims.

Opposition DSS, SNS, SRS and NS MPs accused the authorities of not daring to mention NATO’s crimes during the 1999 bombing, and were not present during the voting.

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