Draft Serbia resolution presented at EP

The European Parliament welcomed the decision of the EU ministers to approve a new step toward Serbia’s membership in the union.

The EP also and called on all EU countries to ratify the agreement as soon as possible.

While explaining the document on the “European Integration of Serbia” before the Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament, parliament rapporteur Jelko Kacin said that the debate in the EU Council of Ministers and the order for the European Commission to present “an opinion” on the candidacy, will also be important for the final annual estimate of reforms in Serbia, which the commission will announce on Nov. 9.

The draft resolution, which the parliament is to adopt later at a plenary session, is “commending Serbia for its progress in reforms.”

Moreover, a June decision of the EU Council of Ministers was welcomed, for the ratification of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between Serbia and the EU, as well as the fact that this agreement has already been ratified by five countries, and other EU member countries have been urged to carry it out quickly.

According to the draft document, the deputies of the EU Parliament have expressed satisfaction over the adoption in the UN of the joint Serbia-EU resolution on Kosovo, and “support the Serbian government’s readiness to launch a new dialogue with Kosovo within the EU.”

They are calling for the “talks to start without delay,” stressing that “this dialogue, in order to succeed, will call for resolve and readiness to compromise on both sides, with the aim of a joint European future.”

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