Kosovo government to face no-confidence vote

Parliament will vote on a no-confidence motion Tuesday (November 2nd) submitted by the opposition New Kosovo Alliance against the government. The required signatures of 40 lawmakers was reached, apparently with the support of some members of the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK). The party itself announced on Sunday that it does not see the motion as self-destructive, rather as a “legal way out of the institutional crisis” that began with the government coalition splitting last month.

Members of the former ruling coalition partner — Democratic League of Kosovo — have not announced how they will vote. The Opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovo has refused to support the motion, arguing that the text should cite the government’s failures, not just serve as a way out of the crisis. In all, the motion would require 61 votes to bring down the government. It would trigger snap elections in December, instead of the early elections scheduled for mid February.

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