Serbian President to visit Croatia

Serbian President Boris Tadic will visit the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar on Thursday (November 4th), the first Serbian head of state to do so. Tadic and his Croatian counterpart Ivo Josipovic will pay their respects to victims of the 1991-1995 war in Croatia. They will first lay wreaths at Ovcara, where more than 200 Croatian prisoners of war were killed in November 1991 by members of the Yugoslav Army. Tadic and Josipovic will also visit Paulin Dvor, near Osijek, where 19 Serbian civilians were killed by Croats the following month. Josipovic’s office said on Tuesday that the visit is a symbolic act that should ease bilateral relations. Vukovar Mayor Zeljko Sabo described the visit as historic. He expects the presidents to convey a clear message that the conflict is over and the countries are willing to be good neighbours.

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