Serbian Minister: EULEX should assume responsibility for the Kosovo organ trade

Serbian Minister of Labor Rasim Ljajić said in Strasbourg in Monday that the EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, should assume responsibility for the Kosovo organ trade.

The chairman of the National Council for Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal said that EULEX should also process as soon as possible the cases of trafficking in human organs.

Ljajić and the director of the Office for Cooperation with the ICTY, Dusan Ignjatović, had talks in Strasbourg about the report of Dick Marty on trafficking in human organs with the commissioner for human rights, Tomas Hammarberg, and the general secretary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE), Mateo Sorinas.

“Considering that Serbia has done much in the processing of crimes in the field of war crimes, that our war crimes prosecution has so far processed 383 cases in war crimes proceedings, we therefore expect others to do likewise in this concrete case – for EULEX to do so,” Ljajić said.

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