Serbian Deputy PM: reforms are mandatory to begin EU accession negotiations

Serbian Deputy PM Božidar Đelić says that if necessary reforms are not implemented by September, Serbia will wait a year for the beginning for the EU accession negotiations.

“Serbia has a huge reform program and now is the time to do things and not go to the elections,“ he pointed out.

“The European integrations are making us keep our word. The fact is that we have an opportunity in December to along with the candidate status get the date for the beginning of the negotiations as well,“ the deputy said.

According to him, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, who visited Belgrade on Tuesday, is worried about the fact that he got the impression that MPs’ blank resignation letters would only be partially repealed.

He explained that the EU would not “cut Serbia any slack“ regarding reforms and cooperation with the Hague Tribunal, adding that the country had an opportunity to get both the candidate status and the date for the beginning of the accession negotiations in December.

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