Bosnia’s two main Croat parties form National Assembly

Bosnia’s two main Croat parties will officially launch the Croat National Assembly, HNS, on Tuesday in Mostar, a move they say will give a true voice to Croats in Bosnia.

The Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, and its sister party the HDZ 1990, along with several minor Croat political organisations, launched the initiative in response to the formation of the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country’s mainly Bosniak-Croat entity.

“The decision to organise the council will be adopted on Monday, which should be the supreme political, coordinating and executive body of the HNS, which will assist in coordinating all inter-cantonal and intermunicipal activities, in accordance with the Federation and State Constitution and laws,” HDZ president Dragan Covic said before the assembly was launched.

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