Skopje officials unhappy with Bulgarian MEP Kristian Vigenin as rapporteur

Bulgarian Socialist MEP Kristian Vigenin’s appointment as the new rapporteur to the European Parliament on all matters concerning Macedonia, has made officials in Skopje unhappy, media reports in Macedonia said.

“The next rapporteur on Macedonia has to be a MEP who enjoys a great reputation and is well respected,” Macedonian foreign minister Antonio Milososki said on April 19.

Milososki said that the “unwritten rule” in such circumstances was to appoint a rapporteur who was not from a neighbouring country, in order to avoid any “misunderstandings” and “misperceptions”.

Vigenin’s frist act as rapporteur on Macedonia was to present on April 6 a draft resolution on the country’s progress toward EU membership prepared ​​by European Parliament’s committee on foreign affairs.

Vigenin himself said shortly after his appointment two weeks ago that an MEP from another European country would be more suitable to report on Macedonia.

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