Romania, Moldova to Launch Gas Pipeline

Bucharest is to start construction of a new gas pipeline that will connect the country with neighbouring Moldova.

The construction of the new pipeline, which is to connect the city of Iasi, in eastern Romania, with Ungheni in Moldova, is set to start by the end of the year. The 50-kilometre-long pipeline will help Moldova to reduce its reliance on gas imports from Russia.

“It will allow Moldova to import gas from Romania if there is any new crisis such as in 2009, when Gazprom cut off natural gas supplies to many European countries due to economic disagreements with Ukraine,” says Moldovan economic analyst Ion Preasca.

The plan for the new pipeline was agreed during the official visit of Moldovan interim president Marian Lupu to Bucharest late last week. Furthermore, Romania is to allot 15 million euro to Chisinau over the next three years for a variety of energy projects, including efforts to combat climate change and cut costs by reducing gas consumption.

“The cooperation between our countries is good now, but we want to improve our political and economical relations with Romania,” Lupu said.

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