EU Foreign Ministers meet to discuss strategies for Bosnia’s stability

EU foreign ministers are expected to endorse strategies for Bosnia and Herzegovina at a meeting in Brussels on Monday (21 March). The strategies are supposed to make more coherent use of existing funded programmes, but no major new money will be made available.

The EU strategy for the region will stress the links between underdevelopment, radicalisation, and weak states. 

The EU also wants to strengthen its special representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina in preparation for the phasing-out of the post of high representative, Bosnia’s international supervisor. Valentin Inzko, an Austrian diplomat, currently serves in both functions. Under the plan, the EUSR will also become head of the EU delegation in Sarajevo, which is responsible for managing financial assistance to the country.

On Tuesday, Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, and Štefan Füle, the European commissioner for enlargement, said they were “deeply concerned” about the situation in Bosnia. The country still has no new government following October’s election.

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