Belgrade team chief to visit Priština in mid-May

Head of the Belgrade negotiating team Borislav Stefanović has said he intends to visit Priština mid-May, ahead of the fourth round of the negotiations.

He said that he wanted to go to Priština to meet with members of the other team and explain to the Kosovo Albanians the Belgrade view of the whole situation. 

He also wishes to visit Serb communities in Kosovo.

According to Stefanović, the next round should bring closure to the topics in which the two sides were able to reach a compromise, namely the general register and cadastre.

“Telecommunications, customs seals and electrical power have been the most difficult issues so far. The two sides have agreed to ask the EU for a proposal that might bring their positions closer together,” he pointed out.

He claims he was not testing the ground when he mentioned a division of Kosovo recently.

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