Maldic extradition procedure to take 2-4 days

The extradition of Ratko Mladić to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) will last at least two and maximum four days, according to Serbian government’s coordinator for public relations and State Secretary in the Justice Ministry Slobodan Homen. The announcement was made on Monday in Belgrade.

Homen stated that requirements for Mladić’s extradition based on Serbia’s obligation to cooperate with the ICTY have been met, recalling that the deadline to appeal his extradition expires Monday at 05:00 CET.

If the appeal is not received by that time, another 24 hours will be given in case the appeal was sent by mail. Once the appeal is received, a three-day deadline for discussion will follow, while the court is allowed to pass a ruling at once and forward it to the Ministry of Justice, Homen explained.

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