Russia and Ukraine are determined to resume political settling of Transnistrian conflict

Russia and Ukraine are strongly determined to resume the full-scale process of political settlement of the Transnistrian problem, Russian Federation’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov stated at a news conference following his meeting with his Ukrainian colleague, Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Grishenko, in Odessa (Ukraine) this past weekend.

Lavrov stressed that Moscow and Kiev want to reach accords with all interested sides, primarily with Chisinau and Tiraspol, about the resumption of political settlement in the 5+2 format at the forthcoming big meeting in Moscow on June 21.

Certainly, he said, the crucial role is to be played by the conflicting sides, and all the rest parties will have to work hard for approximation of the sides’ positions and to prevent a situation when one side would be speaking at the negotiating table only of a unitary state, while the other side – only of independence. It is necessary to look for a compromise, stressed Sergei Lavrov.

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