Karadzic says that Bosniak and Croat leaders bear responsibility for starting the war

At the trial of Radovan Karadzic, the indictee says that Bosniak and Croat leaders began arming themselves before Serbs, and therefore bear responsibility for the start of the war.

During cross-examination, Karadzic said that Prosecution witness Patrick Treanor failed to consider many things when he made his conclusions, adding that his statement that the actions and directives of the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, led to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was not correct.

“The Croat and Bosniak political leadership bears the responsibility for the war, because they started arming themselves first,” Karadzic said during cross-examination on Wednesday.

He added: “In the first half of 1991, the presidents of Slovenia, the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a joint agreement against the Yugoslav National Army, JNA.”

Treanor rebutted the statements made by Karadzic, saying that they were “arbitrary conclusions, which are not based on evidence”.

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