Serbia, Azerbaijan moving towards a strategic partnership

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev started his two-day visit to Serbia on Wednesday – today he and Serbian counterpart Boris Tadić will be in Novi Sad.

Aliyev said yesterday that cooperation between the two countries had significantly stepped up lately, and that this visit showed that relations between them had strategic importance. 

These ties were “moving towards a strategic partnership”, said the two presidents, adding that genuine intention to foster cultural, political and economic relations between Belgrade and Baku is shown by a large number of agreements signed.

Tadić and Aliyev said that, at the international level, the two countries support each other in international organizations and appear together because their territorial integrity has been violated.

They also discussed the deepening of cooperation between the two countries in several fields, especially in the energy sector, while Tadić said that Serbia is interested in participating in Azerbaijan’s energy projects in the region.

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