Serbian President says that start of EU talks in 2012 would be a historic event

Serbian President and leader of the Ruling Democrats Boris Tadić stated on Sunday that the start of EU accession talks in 2012 would be a historic event.

According to him address to the party’s main board on Sunday in Belgrade, this would also be the country’s greatest achievement.

Tadić said that after the arrest of Ratko Mladić arrest, DS and all government institutions should focus their strength on activities aimed at having the date of EU accession talks set.

He called on all members of the DS Main Board to invest all their personal energy in activities aimed at achieving this goal, and noted that the time to come would bring certain temptations and pressures.

He underscored that Serbia is not doing anything because of pressures but because of its deepest interests, and added that the start of talks with the EU would have positive effects on the life of Serbian citizens.

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