Macedonian opposition splits

Freshly elected MPs in the Social-Democrat-led opposition bloc have announced they are forming their own caucus – but deny plans to join the rightist government.

Two prominent opposition MPs, Tito Petkovski and Fijat Canovski, announced the formation of their own parliamentary group this week, which will function separately from the Social Democrat-led opposition.

But they said the new group, jointly comprising about 10 MPs, would remain in opposition and their separation was largely a formal matter.

“We are not shifting sides and we are not joining the ruling [right-wing] bloc,” said Fijat Canovski, whoss small Party for a European Future joined the opposition bloc before the June 5 general election.

“The new group will continue to function in opposition and we already talked about this with [Social Democrat leader] Branko Crvenkovski,” Canovski said.

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