Atifete Jahjaga: Kosovo would not discuss its internal issues with anyone

Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga has stated that partition of Kosovo and exchange of territory are not good solutions. She said that Kosovo would not discuss its internal issues with anyone.

Jahjaga stressed that she could not say whether Belgrade would request partition “although the parties in the dialogue do not have a mandate to do so”.

“We are not talking with anybody, especially not with Serbia as they say, about partition or exchange of territory. Those are not solutions and they will not contribute to stability and peace in the region. At the same time they do not represent a European perspective and they are not a good example either,” she was quoted as saying.

She assessed that partition of exchange of territories would not be good for continuation of the Belgrade-Priština talks.

“I don’t think that Belgrade and Priština have such mandate and I don’t think that the European mediator will accept the concept that belongs to past centuries and that can cause a chain reaction. If Belgrade opens the subject, taking into account the ethnic map, I don’t think that Serbia can remain with the current borders,” the Kosovo president stressed.

She stressed that the dialogue was important for both Serbia and Kosovo, their citizens and the entire region.

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