Serbia will soon face a “more strict” approach of the EU, says the country’s FM

Serbian FM Vuk Jeremić has said that Serbia will soon face a “more strict” approach of the EU, as the country hopes to join the organization.

Speaking in Luxembourg during a meeting of Western Balkans and EU foreign ministers, Jeremić said that the union would insist on the implementation of all standards in a way which was not asked of others who previously joined.

He also noted that enlargement that would encompass the Western Balkans was not a priority for a majority of EU member-states.

“We must be completely honest. The situation is far from ideal. The road is not at all easy,” Jeremić was quoted as saying, and adding that there should be no speculation as to how long the process would take.

Jeremić however also noted that there were no countries that were strongly opposed to further enlargement, as well as that there were “no problems that could not be solved”, but repeated that the situation was “far from ideal”.

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