Stefan Fule says Macedonia’s statue is not a constructive idea towards relation with Greece

If Macedonia continues to take actions perceived by Greece as “provocations” and fails to make faster progress in its reforms, the country could lose its EU candidate status, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said.

Fule commented the decision by PM Nikola Gruevski’s government to erect a 12-meter high statue of a “warrior on horseback” resembling Alexander the Great in downtown Skopje, which was finished over the weekend and enraged Greece.

“Seriously, if you have a neighbour, and I’m not talking about two states now, and there is an issue between two of you, whatever the nature of that issue is, and you are trying sincerely to solve it, I guess you would avoid doing anything that your neighbour might call a provocation. This is simple logic. I would expect the government in Skopje to avoid doing things which would be called by the other side provocations,” Fule said.

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