Belgrade team chief negotiator defends agreements

Serbia has not made a single step toward recognizing Kosovo as independent, says Borislav Stefanović, who represents Belgrade in the ongoing Kosovo talks. All solutions brought in Brussels respect that position, he said.  

The solutions that were reached, continued Stefanović, in no way brought into question Serbia’s position on Kosovo’s independence declaration, which, he said, will remain unchanged.

His comments came after the Priština team head Edita Tahiri asserted the deals reached were “inter-state”, and that Serbia was “on its way to recognize Kosovo”.

Stefanović further said that independence can be recognized via a written agreement, a government decision or allowing Kosovo to join the UN, or if the Serbian president decided to meet with the Kosovo Albanian so-called “president”.

He rejected criticism coming from opposition parties, which believe that Kosovo’s independence was recognized with the agreements.

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