ICG report says that it’s time for Turkey and Greece to settle Aegean problem

For Turkey and Greece, it is time to settle the long-lasting Aegean problem between them despite the Cyrpus issue, a new report from the International Crisis Group (ICG) has indicated.

“The deadlocked Cyprus problem is still a factor, but both sides have distanced themselves from the idea that its solution is a precondition for an Aegean settlement. Since Cyprus is peaceful, they should further delink it from Aegean issues, although progress in the Aegean could positively impact talks on a Cyprus settlement,” stated the ICG report “Turkey and Greece: Time to Settle the Aegean Dispute.”

The report stressed that both countries would benefit from a foreign policy success, and the continuation of the problem has been an “expensive, outdated and stressful stand-off over Aegean Sea maritime zones and related issues” for both Turkey and Greece which would “capitalise on twelve years of normalization” between them.

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