Greek PM urges EU to move fast on debt rescue

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou urged Greece’s European partners on Friday to move fast to enact a recent summit deal on a second rescue for Greece, intended also to prevent contagio.

“The decisions having been taken by the leaders, the appropriate European institutions as well as member-states should proceed now to action and, in particular, the national parliaments, where that is necessary,” he said in a letter to EU commission head Jose Manuel Barroso.

“Provided these decisions are implemented in a timely and effective way, they will equip us with all those institutional and financial tools necessary for tackling swiftly the Eurozone public debt crisis.”

Leaders of the 17 eurozone nations agreed a rescue plan worth 160 billion euros (230 billion dollars) to help Greece and save the euro currency at a summit in Brussels on July 21.
developments and not behind them,” he added.

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