Serbs in Norhtern Kosovo will help implement KFOR agreement

Serbian President Boris Tadic has spoken to Serbs from northern Kosovo to discuss implementation of the KFOR agreement aimed at easing tension in the region.

The news comes just three days after the government of Kosovo reached an agreement with NATO-led KFOR personnel late on Friday to restore long-term stability to two checkpoints in the north of Kosovo.

Radenko Nedeljkovic, district chief of Kosovska Mitrovica, told members of the media that an agreement had been reached to continue cooperation with the international community and that Serb representatives had been told they had the full cooperation and support of Serbia’s institutions.

He added that local representatives would work with state officials to help solve problems in the north.

Nedeljkovic said the Serbian president’s meeting with representatives had lasted three-hours and had also addressed other obligations stemming from the temporary agreement reached with KFOR last week.

Goran Bogdanovic, the Serbian minister for Kosovo, also present at the meeting, said he believed Serbs from northern Kosovo would remove barricades erected near two of the border points in northern Kosovo because their representatives said they supported the deal reached between the government and KFOR.

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