German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Serbia on August 23

It does not seem realistic that Serbia will get a date for the beginning of the EU accession negotiations, says Serbian Ambassador to Germany Ognjen Pribićević.

He has assessed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will visit Belgrade on August 23, will not bring an ultimatum to Serbia.

The Serbian ambassador believes that Merkel will repeat that Germany expects Serbia to normalize its relations with Priština, meaning to continue negotiations on the administrative crossings, customs stamp and other issues that affect lives of the people in Kosovo.

“We expect from Angela Merkel, as a chancellor of an economically and politically most powerful EU member state, to once again strongly underline her support to Serbia on its path toward the EU membership, meaning toward getting the candidate status. That’s what we can expect until the end of the year. It does not seem realistic that we will get a date for the beginning of the negotiations at the moment,” Pribićević told daily Politika.

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