Official language of Montenegro will be discussed in September

Montenegrin parliament will hold a session on September 2 which should see adoption of the bill amending the law on general education.

In line with the agreement reached between opposition leaders and Prime Minister Igor Lukšić, the curriculum should provide teaching in Serbian, as well as compulsory courses in the Serbian language.

A parliament speaker’s Collegium session was held Thursday, resulting in a draft of the electoral law that MPs should discuss on September 6.

The opposition has set out the amendments to the law on education and citizenship as the condition for the adoption of the electoral law, and the adoption of the electoral law is the first among the seven conditions the European Commission laid down before Montenegro for the date of EU accession negotiations.

Montenegrin Parliament Speaker and Social Democratic Party leader Ranko Krivokapić said Thursday he expected political will and responsibility to European integration would prevail and that the election law would be adopted on September 6.

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